About us

A genuine craftsmanship

For over 100 years we have been manufacturing wallpaper in Borås. Our work is rooted in a genuine craftsmanship, in constant contact with technological development.

Our story

Borås Tapetfabrik preserves a legacy while also breaking new ground. We may have developed over the decades and centuries, but, just like our cylinders, pattern repeats and wallpapers, we keep rolling unstoppably on. For us, the most exciting time is now.

Never before have we had so many different printing technologies. Technologies that enable more designers and brands to think wallpaper. Never before has development allowed so many consumers to decorate their homes in such exciting and sustainable ways. Never before has there been such a great interest in craft traditions and sustainability.

For us, the most exciting time is now.”

About us

Here at Borås Tapetfabrik we are enablers. We assist wallpaper producers, designers, lifestyle brands and construction companies – all of whom have seen the versatility and potential of wallpaper, and want to make their ideas a reality.

We can serve as a catalyst in the design process; we can guide and inspire. We are a guarantee of quality and long-lived products. We champion sustainability and offer concrete solutions in everything from product development and material selection to production and packaging.

We are forward-looking, and always want to develop. Together with our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, we must work together to create more sustainable wallpaper solutions. With a focus on craft, quality and sustainability, together we will provide the world with first-class wallpapers.

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