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creativity and curiosity

With creativity and curiosity, we create unique solutions to suit every client’s situation and aspirations.

Printing technologies

We create unique solutions with great competence and with an optimal machine park, from the artisanal technology to the digital one. Never before have we had so many different printing technologies. Technologies that enable more designers and brands to think wallpaper.

Surface print

Here we offer the potential for traditional surface printing. We have a number of different machines, the very oldest of which has been with us since the early 1900s. This machine is a piece of priceless history, which has physically reproduced the works of many of Sweden’s very top designers and decorated walls from cottages to country manors.

We also have a more “modern” flexo/collagraph printing press, with the same ability to create the fantastic depth and luster that surface printing gives. Wallpapers that are surface-printed have a hand-painted look, as the surface gains a texture that gives the pattern a wonderful feel.

gravure print

In gravure printing we use engraved cylinders. The depressions in the engraving “carry the color” this gives more accuracy when printing. Our gravure printing machines are faster and suited for larger print runs. They also imbue the wallpapers with more richness of detail and nuance.

Screen printing

Screen printing allows for a wider printing surface and gives a special character. In our screen printing press we produce a variety of smart technical products, such as renovation wallpapers – wallpapers that minimise the priming work for uneven surfaces. A streamlined solution for those who are renovating old houses, and a prudent, time-saving choice for construction contractors and property managers.

”We have technologies that enable more designers and brands to think wallpaper!”

Digital print

What has perhaps revolutionised the development of wallpapers the most in recent years are digital printing technologies. Here we remain on the cutting edge, both when it comes to digital printing presses and automated business flows. Printing wallpapers digitally opens the door for new players to think creatively and create their own collections. Digital printing is fast, simple and requires little start-up cost, but gives top-class print results.

For Borås Tapetfabrik, digital printing offers a fantastic opportunity to share our passion with even more people.

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